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Alexis Liu

Alexis Liu is a designer, researcher, and lecturer working across the fields of Landscape Architecture, Urbanism, and Narrative Environments. She graduated with an MLA from RMIT University (Melbourne) in 2016. She worked as a landscape architect at Aspect Studios and a lecturer in narrative environment design at SIVA (Shanghai). She is currently a lecturer at the University of Greenwich, developing, planning, and delivering courses across the Bachelor and Masters Landscape Architecture, Urbanism, Urban Design, and Architecture programmes. She has recently co-written a book chapter on design studio practices.


Alexis’ research to date has been focused on post-disaster landscapes and marginalised groups. She uses a range of techniques, such as combining Grasshopper, Python and Geographical Information System (GIS), alongside grounded fieldwork. In 2019, she began her Landscape Urbanism Ph.D. study at the University of Greenwich. Since then, her research has explored the relationships and changes between urban and rural-urban fringe areas during urbanisation process. She is fascinated by how urbanisation influences the identity of rural-urban fringe areas.


Alexis Liu
London, England

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